Sharon’s Thoughts

I have spent the past week connecting with colleagues from different disciplines and different places around the country.  First, we were in Minneapolis for the Land Trust Alliance Rally.  There were almost 1,700 people, many professionals who have made a career in protecting our environment, but also many Board members of area land trusts, watersheds, farmland trusts – volunteers committed to working for our environment.  Then this past Monday I was at a BoardSource gathering of their certified governance trainers.  It was an impressive group of about 50 incredibly talented individuals who have made a practice of working with Boards of all sizes and complexities.  As I came back to my daily routine, I couldn’t help but think about how my colleagues and I often discuss the challenges of engaging Board members.  Yet, I also started thinking that we don’t spend enough time celebrating the incredible dedication and commitment volunteers throughout this country have to making our communities, our country and even our world and planet a better place to live.  Sometimes engagement is really finding the best way to utilize someone’s talents who is truly motivated to make a difference and having meaningful conversations about what matters most.  That perhaps sounds rather simplistic – but then again, at the core of most things is a simple idea that we can all believe in.  So, my hat is off to all our volunteer Boards … a true inspiration.