Reach for The Stars- Sharon Danosky


A client recently asked me to review their sponsorship book.  They are trying to promote an upcoming event and developed a booklet that would hopefully attract business leaders.

It was a very attractive booklet.  In it they listed all the benefits of sponsoring their organization: where they were going to advertise, the radio spots, the reach they have on Facebook and Twitter, how many people access their website where the company logo would be featured – and more statistical information. While this kind of information is valuable in measuring reach and ROI, it doesn’t quite get to the “heart” of the matter as it relates to persuading long-term support of clients and services.

Nowhere in the booklet was mention of their mission, or anything about the people they help.  And, trust me, this organization makes a significant difference in the lives of many people they serve.

They aren’t the only ones who do this.  In fact, I think this is the approach that many organizations take.  You will find hundreds of examples on Google.

But here’s the problem … You don’t sell your organization based on activities and exposure.

You sell your organization because of the feelings you evoke when people hear the story of what you do.  I was mesmerized by Zillow’s ad, called “Stars.”  Yes-Zillow.  I won’t go into details, but if you watch for only 1 minute, it tells a story that tugs on your heart.  And they are selling a database that promotes real estate.  Certainly, with all the amazing stories your organization has, you can do better than statistics and reach.  Take a page from Zillow, and reach for the same star.

By the way – business leaders are people too …  and we all want to be touched by a good story.


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