It’s a wrap! Nonprofit Leaders Complete the D&A LEAP Program

LEAP Grads 2Five leaders from five different organizations were sequestered behind closed doors, provided a case study for an imaginary organization, and then tasked to create and present a plan that offered a comprehensive solution to a complex challenge posed in the study. In this case, their imaginary counseling center had just learned that three teens had overdosed over the last weekend, and their center had been called in by the Mayor to address the situation. And just as they were closing in on a solution, they’re thrown “the curve ball” where a Danosky facilitator introduces another aspect of the issue: one of their counselors has just been arrested for possession. They must race against the allotted time to adjust their plan; just like things often happen in the real world.

Three hours after receiving their challenge case and its curve ball, they emerged with a solution and a direction that would allow their make-believe organization to succeed. This is the challenge that LEAP participants have to face in their last session. It gets the heartbeat racing!

Leadership Enrichment for Advancing Professionals (LEAP) is an intensive seven-session  workshop sponsored by Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation and designed to provide in-depth learning with real-world examples on Leadership, Engaged Boards, Strategic Planning, Finance, Fundraising, Organizational Development, and Communications.

The eighth and final session brings everything together, challenging participants as they apply their learning to case study scenarios. At the end of this problem solving session they face a panel of judges who ask questions and probe their decisions. What emerges is a rich problem-solving process that uses near to real-life situations.

LEAP Presentation 2“We loosely base these scenarios on actual situations our clients have experienced,” states Sharon Danosky, founder of the LEAP series. “Executive Directors are always facing challenges and to be able to present a series that actually helps Executive Directors in near-to-real-life situations has been a positive experience for us as consultants.”

“What a fantastic experience,” said recent LEAP graduate Jane MacLaren. “I am still digesting all that I learned, but feel confident taking on additional responsibilities within my organization.”

“We have received extremely positive feedback from LEAP graduates over the years,” said Guy Rovezzi, President and CEO of Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation. “The program offers participants opportunities to glean valuable insight and real-world knowledge from D&A’s facilitators and immediately apply that knowledge to their own leadership roles within their organizations.” Armed with the skills obtained through the program, graduates have gone on to advance their careers, expand vital peer relationships and strengthened the capacity of the nonprofits they serve.