Cohort Groups: Support for Those Who Are Supposed to Know Everything


“A question for Executive Directors everywhere. Do you have a cohort group? A group of people who are also Executive Directors, understand your challenges and provide you an opportunity to talk, share, learn, grow and mentor others. If not – you should. Being an Executive Director can be one of the loneliest jobs – there is literally no one you can confide in. Perhaps your spouse or significant other – but that gets old pretty fast. A cohort group make a huge difference.

That’s what Executive Directors learned at a workshop given by Sharon Danosky and sponsored by the Community Foundation of Greater New Britain and the Farmington Bank Community Foundation. In a setting that was described as “Las Vegas” executive Directors from different nonprofits explored issues around governance and management and how to create stronger relationships with their boards to build a stronger organization. “The real benefit of the workshop was people realizing that they aren’t alone in addressing these issues and that by sharing with one another, they can find good solutions,” noted Sharon.

“As we host these kinds of workshops, Community foundations are in an excellent position to learn about and act on the supportive needs of Executive Directors and board members,” said the  Community Foundation of Greater New Britain’s Director of Community Initiatives and Program Services, Joeline Wruck. “Executive Directors in our area had voiced a strong desire to access a collegial network where they would be free to explore similar concerns and learn from each other — and based on the feedback we’ve received, this workshop is exactly what they had in mind.”

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