Social Media in a COVID-19 World

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By David Deschenes

Nonprofit organizations are active users of social media, so most are familiar with the go-to platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Constant Contact, YouTube, etc. But as organizations deal with COVID-19, they will need to expand the way they use these platforms. It is important – now more than ever – to make sure you’re delivering critical information to the right people. Here are some ways to use social media as you navigate COVID-19.


  • Post regular updates on your Facebook page with the latest information, including status of events and services.
  • Communicate your challenges and successes, specific to COVID-19. Are you facing a challenge such as a budgeting shortfall that can be shored up through a micro-campaign? Have you had a success by partnering with another direct service provider to share critical knowledge? Have you made online exhibits available to your museum? Upped your outreach to promote your library’s online collection?
  • Use Facebook Live to show how your organization is responding, real time. Taking a cue from some of the popular artists, some symphonies are airing their musicians live to entertain the homebound masses. A museum might have a curator touring the museum and talking about specific pieces.
  • Create Facebook groups for constituents so you can provide information specific to them, and so that they have an online community connected with your organization.

Constant Contact:

  • If you use Constant Contact or a similar platform, chances are that you’ve been sending out a monthly e-newsletter. Turn that into shorter, more frequent and real-time “e-blasts.” Again, share both your challenges and successes.
  • Recognize staff who may be working in risky environments, volunteers who have shared their knowledge to help out, or donors who have stepped up.

Instagram and Twitter:

  • Share photos that capture the passion and emotion within your organization as you navigate COVID-19 (Instagram recently added a new COVID-19 section to their Donation sticker so people can quickly identify relevant nonprofits).’

Video Messages:

  • Google Chrome offers Screencastify to easily record, save, and share a video.
  • Provide regular updates and inspirational messages to your organization.

Regular communication during this time will play a critical role in successfully navigating this extremely challenging environment. Take advantage of the many free and powerful social media tools that are not only available, but are being modified to be more effective in getting through this global pandemic.

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