Introducing Danosky 2.0!


By Sharon Danosky

Dear Friends,

Over the course of a few months, we’ve been doing a lot of introspective work at Danosky & Associates. In the twelve years since launching my firm, it has been both a privilege and pleasure to work with numerous nonprofits all across the sector. I have gained a deep understanding of the challenges these organizations are facing today. Some of these challenges seem to be perpetual, while others have been brought about by COVID-19 and a stronger recognition of the need to apply a racial equity lens to our work. I also think there are systemic problems that many nonprofits are grappling with, which have been heightened in the environment. Some of these are:
  • The need for ongoing review and testing of our missions, and whether we are meeting the needs of all the constituents we are meant to serve
  • The imperative for our organizations and our boards to apply a racial equity lens in all work –diversity can mean inviting someone to the table, but being inclusive ensures that all people with diverse voices are heard at that same table
  • The necessity for boards to step up to the plate and play more of a governance role and letting go of their operational stance or observing nonprofit performance from the sidelines
  • The demand for fundraising to truly be donor-centric and for nonprofits to be more directly accountable to their donors
  • The wisdom of listening to those with lived/living experience and to translate their input into meaningful action
  • The benefit of understanding and incorporating narrative change into our mission, our services and ultimately our communications
  • The power of collaboration and how it can make significant difference in how people receive services instead of how they are being provided.
  • The potential for systems change, because ultimately, our current systems are not meeting the needs of so many

Danosky Consulting Expertise Growing

For this reason, I have made some changes to the work we do at Danosky & Associates, or as I am calling it, Danosky 2.0. Our work will focus on four primary pillars: Strategy; Governance; Funding; and Finance. We will apply a racial equity lens in all our continued work and will do this by asking key questions, probing, and facilitating difficult conversations.
To amplify the changes we are making, I have added new staff. Matthew Krumholtz will be joining as a Principal Consultant. He has a strong background in strategy, systems and narrative change, and fundraising, particularly through private-public partnerships. You can read more about Matthew in our upcoming December newsletter.
Susan Rosati has taken a stronger lead in helping nonprofits develop financial scenario plans and navigating these tricky financial waters. Juanita Manning continues to be our backbone, and in addition, I am bringing in Casey Crowell to provide additional support. We make a great team!