D&A Welcomes David Deschenes to Our Team!

Danosky & Associates Welcomes a New Associate and

Gains New Consulting Offerings in New Media



Danosky & Associates is pleased to announce that David Deschenes, founder of Spectrum Media LLC, will join the organization as Associate Marketing, Communications, and New Media beginning in April.

“We are thrilled to have David join our team at Danosky,” said Sharon Danosky, founder and President of D&A. “David is well known and respected throughout the local nonprofit community, and has helped many of these organizations to develop engaging mission-based content with a particular focus on video – something we have been looking to help our own clients expand upon.” In addition to specializing in video production for nonprofits, David brings to Danosky & Associates a diverse mix of marketing, communications, and research experience from both the nonprofit and corporate sectors.

David started his career at a Fortune 500 company in NYC where he directed the services of its corporate research center that provided qualitative research to more than a thousand employees across three locations in New York and Virginia.

“That was one of my first jobs in the corporate sector,” said David. “It was a fascinating position that offered opportunities to collaborate with so many people across different business functions within the company, and share a lot of great information – and that served as the foundation for my future interests in outreach, internal communication, and new media.”

As Press Liaison and Editorial Manager at the financial services consultancy, Greenwich Associates, David worked closely with editors and reporters at high-level publications including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times,  Financial Times, Barron’s and many others. An interest in doing something that had a positive and direct impact on the lives of those in his community led to David’s entry to the nonprofit sector where as Director of Brand Management at United Way of Western Connecticut in Danbury, he ensured that the results of the organization’s work across western Connecticut were promoted through traditional and new media. It was there that David developed an interest in video production.

David founded Spectrum Video Productions – now Spectrum Media LLC – in 2011 and he has worked with a number of nonprofits and small businesses to develop custom marketing and content strategies with a focus on video outreach. “When I started Spectrum Video Productions, my focus was primarily on creating video that communicated what the nonprofit wanted,” said David. “But since I had a general marketing background and social media experience, I found myself naturally guiding my clients to expand their thinking on their video projects. And that turned into telling people, ‘don’t think about this as a video – think about it as a content development project with a focus on video.”

As a consultant at Danosky & Associates, David will continue his approach to helping nonprofits develop mission- and vision-based content as well as with traditional marketing & communications interests. Interestingly, David’s first client with D&A will be a land trust in upstate New York that would like to develop its video marketing strategy and train some key staff members and volunteers on creating engaging videos in-house. “I’m looking forward to this project,” said David. “I couldn’t ask for a better start with Danosky & Associates. This workshop will be a new addition to D&A’s capacity building products, and something that I’m extremely passionate about. What better way to engage with a new client than to tap in to their creativity and commitment to their environment and community through video and new media.”

David can be reached at Danosky Associates via email at ddeschenes@danosky.com or by calling 860-799-6330.

The Philanthropy Therapist’s Top 10 to do before December 26th

Everywhere in America, fundraisers are planning year-end activities, trying to raise as much as they can before December 31st.  So do that data dig, get your lists in place and take a look at my list of the top 10 things you need to do to get ready …


  1. Is your year-end appeal ready to be mailed and your Giving Tuesday strategy in place? (If not, hurry up!)


  1. Do you have your reminder letter ready to go? (Don’t leave any donor stone unturned?)


  1. Are you all set to make your phone calls to remind your best donors to give (if they haven’t    already)?  (PS – you need your list to be in good shape and ready to go)




  1. Did you update your voicemail letting those special donors know how to reach you if you’re not in the office and they want to make a special gift? (Hey, you never know!)


  1. Is your tax and estate attorney on speed-dial, just in case someone wants to make that complicated planned gift? (It happens ….)


  1. Did you take a minute to call and thank your best donors? (It is so rewarding) (Do you  know who they are?)


3. In all the craziness – did you remember to breathe today?  Pace yourself – you still have a few   weeks to go.


  1. Are you tallying up how much you’ve raised this year …. Giving USA wants to know!


  1. Have you decided how to relax and replenish? Be good to yourself.  You deserve it.  And get ready …. I think 2017 is going to be a very good year.

Sharon’s Thoughts

I have spent the past week connecting with colleagues from different disciplines and different places around the country.  First, we were in Minneapolis for the Land Trust Alliance Rally.  There were almost 1,700 people, many professionals who have made a career in protecting our environment, but also many Board members of area land trusts, watersheds, farmland trusts – volunteers committed to working for our environment.  Then this past Monday I was at a BoardSource gathering of their certified governance trainers.  It was an impressive group of about 50 incredibly talented individuals who have made a practice of working with Boards of all sizes and complexities.  As I came back to my daily routine, I couldn’t help but think about how my colleagues and I often discuss the challenges of engaging Board members.  Yet, I also started thinking that we don’t spend enough time celebrating the incredible dedication and commitment volunteers throughout this country have to making our communities, our country and even our world and planet a better place to live.  Sometimes engagement is really finding the best way to utilize someone’s talents who is truly motivated to make a difference and having meaningful conversations about what matters most.  That perhaps sounds rather simplistic – but then again, at the core of most things is a simple idea that we can all believe in.  So, my hat is off to all our volunteer Boards … a true inspiration.

Molly’s Musings


As we are in the midst of a heat wave, staying cool is my number one priority! I mean after all, I wear a fur coat year round :). Other than finding the coolest spot in the office, my favorite thing to doze off to are the sounds of typing fingers on a keyboard. While my mom and the rest of my coworkers are working diligently to get their work done, I have my eyes on a nice vacation by the water. This month has been filled with deadlines, meetings, interviews and conference calls, I know we can all use a little time away to reset our minds. Well, as the Director of Goodwill, I hope you all had a safe and successful July; stay cool everyone!



Ahh the lazy days of summer have returned! But, that attitude most definitely doesn’t go for my coworkers. While I spend my days sleeping and relaxing, basking in the warm summer sunshine through our office windows, everyone is busy trying to meet deadlines and arrange daily materials. Although my mom has a busy schedule, she leaves me at the office where I watch over everyone diligently working (little do they know I report back to her!). Well, as the Director of Goodwill, I hope you have a safe and successful June!



I spend most of my days catching the warm rays of sunshine through our large factory-like windows. Ahh, life in the office- what could be better? If I am not traveling with my mom to meetings , you can bet I’m running from desk to desk with a ball in my mouth and my tail wagging. Sometimes it’s hard for me to get my beauty rest in our fast paced office, but I manage quite nicely. You think it would be hard to sleep through all of the printing, meetings, phone and office conversations, but that is exactly what sings me to sleep :)



Warmer days are here! As I begin to travel more with my mom, it means less days home alone and more time doing the things I love with the people I love! Life at the office has been pretty busy. Between conferences and meetings onsite and offsite, everyone has their nose in their work. As for me, I am looking forward to more trips to the park and swimming dates with my mom!



Life in the office has been pretty fast pace lately (not for me of course!). Meetings in and out of the office for my mom are daily. It makes a lot of travel days for me but when you have the whole back seat to yourself, the car isn’t so bad!
As we are in these transitional months from winter to spring, I am definitely getting spring fever! One of my favorite past times is to dig. I can’t wait to run down my office hallway with mud under my claws and dirt on my nose! Although I love the winter coats my awesome mom has spoiled me with, warmer weather and longer days are on their way. I really hope everyone got through this crazy, unpredictable winter, the Danosky Team pushed through and is doing better than ever!