Who Needs a Philanthopy Therapist?

Sharon DanoskyI think the answer to that might be anyone who is seeking donor support to rev up their non-profit engine.  And that might well be every CEO, Executive Director, VP or Director of Development and members of a non-profit Board.

Welcome to my blog – The Philanthropy Therapist

I have to confess, I didn’t coin the phrase Philanthropy Therapist.  That actually came from some of my clients who laughingly refer to me as such after a particularly intense meeting or discussion.  But when I think about it – it makes sense.  Keeping an NGO on track with the resources required to move it forward and serve its mission is hard.  And, a bit lonely.  So, I decided to name my blog – yes, you know.

What I have learned from my years of working in the non-profit sector is that while there is a community of people who are willing to listen, and who have experienced similar frustrations, it is sometimes hard to share your experiences. Your colleague might also be a competitor, your friends don’t really understand your mission-focused work, your spouse will try to fix it, and you simply can’t share certain things with your employees, your Board, your CEO.   So, you turn to books, the Internet and – maybe – you can find someone who will serve as a philanthropy therapist.  (By the way, we also often go by the name consultant).  A philanthropy therapist is someone who:

  • Will Listen
  • Has been in a similar situation
  • Offers sound advice
  • Sees the humor
  • Provides perspective
  • Picks you up to fight another day
  • Laughs at your awful jokes

In the most traditional, straight-forward sense, you actually seek out a consultant for his or her vast array of experience who can offer valuable guidance, strategic direction and solutions.  What really matters, though, is whether that person can provide the hope and confidence for you to undertake what you need to do and chart the course that will raise the bar for your not-for-profit organization.  Because it is lonely out there – and sometimes you just need someone who is on your side.

The Philanthropy Therapist
Sharon J. Danosky
Danosky & Associates

For over 30 years, Sharon J. Danosky, founder and president of Danosky & Associates, has dedicated her career to working with not-for-profit organizations.  As both a consultant and a senior executive for numerous charitable organizations, she has transformed organizations into highly effectively charities of choice in their communities