Board Empowerment

Board Empowerment ImpactTo carry out its mission, an organization must have the resources necessary and ensure it is doing the good work it is tasked to do. These are the primary fiduciary responsibilities of every Board. In addition, it must sustain the confidence, ethical and financial support of its members, donors, volunteers and the public at large. These critically important aspects of nonprofit governance depend on you and your fellow directors. Danosky & Associates can advise, guide and support you as you build the strongest, most effective Board possible.

  • Board Recruitment and Development Strategies – Implement building the strongest, most effective Board possible
  • Organizational Assessments – Conduct an assessment that identifies areas for organizational growth and development
  • Board Evaluations and Assessments – Ensure that the Board and its members are functioning effectively
  • Board Reporting and Dashboard Preparation – Direct Boards in developing and implementing reporting procedures that are clear, to the point and demonstrate the organization’s performance in a variety of areas
  • Governance and Accountability – Review compliance and guide the implementation of best practices to safeguard ethical standards of conduct
  • Succession Planning – Establish an infrastructure and plan so that the Board and the organization transitions smoothly
  • Leadership Skill Development – Coach and guide Board members, CEO’s and executive management
  • Strategic Planning – Facilitate and prepare organizational long-range plans
  • Developing a Fundraising Board – Provide training and hands-on guidance to help boards become fundraising powerhouses
  • Board Training – Ttraining, coaching and mentoring on the four disciplines that build organizational capacity