LEAP 1.0 & 2.0 Coming in 2018!

Danosky & Associates is pleased to announce its continued partnership with the Northwest Connecticut Community Foundation and for the fourth consecutive year it will offer the acclaimed Leadership Enrichment for Advance Professionals (LEAP).

“Not only did I learn a tremendous amount, but the relationships I have built with the other LEAP participants has proven to be monumental.”

LEAP 2017 Participant

This year, the program has expanded.  In addition to the core program which explores the fundamental principles of executive leadership, a second LEAP 2.0 has been added for seasoned executives, providing advanced application of the leadership principles needed to meet the changing landscape of today’s nonprofit environment.  Topics will include best practices around collaboration, adaptive leadership, financial modeling, impact communications, fundraising effectiveness and more.  LEAP 2.0 will have the added benefit of participants being able to tailor the course outline to their groups’ specific learning aspirations. [Read more…]

What Comes Out of a Fundraising Mix ?

Hopefully – revenue for your non-profit

I was driving and listening to the audio book, Charlie Wilson’s War, which was made into a movie of the same name.  It’s about fighting the Soviets and the Cold War in Afghanistan in the 1980’s.  (The book is better than the movie, I think – but aren’t they usually?)  There is a chapter where this brilliant strategist describes what is needed to win the war.  He explains to his superior that it doesn’t require a “silver bullet” or a “magic weapon.”  What is needed is the right weapons mix!  Of course!  And I nearly had to pull off the road.

The right weapons mix.  The right marketing mix.  The right ingredients mix. The right fundraising mix.  It’s all about the mix!

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