Communications, Media & Video

Impact Wheel 2019 - Communications Marketing and VideoProducing Strong, Effective Communications

Engaging the community requires that a consistent flow of compelling, relevant information reaches your stakeholders all throughout the year and helps to secure their interest, involvement and investment. We employ a wide range of communication strategies to effectively position your organization with key constituents for the purposes of securing philanthropic support, furthering advocacy initiatives, and generating referrals.

  • Communications audit & assessment
  • Strategic marketing & communications plan
  • Message development & storytelling
  • Traditional and digital media strategies and outsourcing
  • Video development
  • Video training

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 “Thank you for leading the way to the Library’s 414 success.  David and Carol were terrific and really kept us on track.  Their work was superb, and I don’t think we could have done it without your expertise and support. You truly are the best!”
Susan Stone
Board Member
Pawling Free Libary