• We grow into this world hoping to make a difference … to leave our mark … to leave the world a better place for our having been here.
    We all have the ability to change the world.
  • For those who dedicate their lives to helping others – working in the non-profit sector – everyday is an opportunity to make a difference. For the rest of the world – they are looking to you – the leaders of the third sector – to show them how.
  • Every organization has a story to tell and a constituency who believes in that story and its power to make a difference.

Danosky & Associates guides you to open the door and invite the world to join in your quest. And once you do – philanthropic support will follow. And the change you envision will begin.

  • We have a passion for philanthropy. We believe in its power and potential. And we bring that passion to your cause.
  • You deserve nothing less – because you can change the world.


Our practice is characterized by our highly attentive style, warm client relationships and significant experience in the not-for-profit sector.

We know that for our clients to have the greatest benefit of this consulting experience requires complete trust in us. We value that trust – and we do not take it for granted. Every client is unique. Case in point…

That is why getting to know each other is so important. You spend time looking for the right consultant, one who believes in what you do, and with the right experience to get the job done. We also seek to work with not-for-profits we can be passionate about. We recognize that your decision to engage our services comes after careful deliberation. Therefore, we will give you as much time as you need, and we don’t mind meeting with you frequently during that process. We don’t believe there is any other way.

Our approach is action-oriented and results-driven. We bring an innovative blend of strategic planning, marketing and funds development together to help you reach as many constituents as possible with your story. We believe in developing and positioning your unique “brand” –blending name recognition, your mission and service imperative – so that your organization becomes the charity of choice for all who believe in your cause. By becoming a charity of choice, we can help you implement a full spectrum of fund-raising initiatives knowing that they will succeed and that your philanthropic support will grow. This is what we mean by philanthropic engagement and strategic empowerment of your cause.

We offer a full range of services to ensure that you achieve your goals. We have relationships with preeminent partners – in graphic design, public relations, governance, database management, executive coaching, photography, printing and more – to ensure you have the support you want and need.

We believe in winning – and our scorecard is the results you will see. Some results are tangible – reaching a campaign goal, increasing your major gifts, building your legacy program or one-day strategy sessions with defined action plans. Some results are intangible – and sustainable. Building a strong constituency base, energizing a board that can become a powerhouse, creating a philanthropic culture that will last long after any consultant – these are results you cannot easily measure. They are results that are transformational and will bring you to the next level.

Working together is a journey – a journey that can have significant impact for years and generations to come. It is important to prepare well for this journey. That is our promise – and our promise is our brand. We will provide you with the best service possible, achieving the best possible outcome every single time.

You, and the people you serve, deserve no less.