Who We Are

Sharon Danosky is a strategist and thought leader who partners with nonprofit organizations and their boards to build organizational capacity that works. With over 25 years as a member of the senior management team for hospitals and human organizations and 10 years’ consulting for organizations across the non-profit sector, Sharon knows how to drive change and achieve results. It’s not about adopting the latest trend – rather it’s focusing on the introspective work an organization needs to do while understanding and embracing external dynamics.As a consultant, facilitator and teacher, Sharon has led organizations to achieve unprecedented growth, re-infused boards with a new sense of purpose, focused discussions on strategy and impact, built sustainable fundraising programs that achieve double-digit increases, facilitated collaborations among organizations, brought organizations together while assimilating cultures and challenged non-profits to communicate in ways that resonate throughout their communities. Whether in the Board room, the Chief Executive’s Office or working with staff, Sharon brings a hands-on approach that gives her clients the tools that work and instills them with the confidence to succeed.

Sharon is a BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer, and has conducted rousing seminars and workshops through her affiliations with national, regional and local associations and foundations. Sharon is also a sought-after presenter at international conferences and has published numerous articles on governance, boards, fundraising and strategy. She was part of a ten-member delegation that worked with non-governmental organizations in Russia. And while she doesn’t speak Russian, she does speak your language.

Danosky & Associates is a Woman Owned Small/Minority Business Enterprise


Christine Lent is a financial strategist and tactician who makes sense of numbers and can set the optimum financial course for an organization’s success. As a CPA and financial consultant at Danosky & Associates, she has over thirty years of accounting and finance experience, working with both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. She is skilled in creating a chart of accounts and accounting procedures that allow her clients to clearly and easily report their financial condition. Whether she is working with small start-up organizations or large established corporations, her goal is to guide clients in building financial scenarios, preparing budgets and developing reports and dashboards that move organizational objectives forward. And – they are easy to read and understood by both Boards and management alike.At Danosky & Associates when clients need help in understanding their current financial position and their long term viability, Christine works as a trainer with both Board Treasurer and staff to develop reports, budgets and dashboards that give full visibility on the financial condition of the organization. She can help set up the financial reporting structure and accounting policies and procedures to enable timely reporting and good internal controls for even the smallest organizations. She loves when a client says “I understand where we have been and where we are going!”

Christine’s accounting career started with Ernst & Whinney (now Ernst & Young) where she worked with numerous hospitals and health care organizations and gained non-profit experience and became a CPA. Later she worked as VP of Finance and Administration of PhoCusWright, Inc. from start up to the eventual sale of the company in 2011. She oversaw the growth of the company over a 16 year span and then was involved with the due diligence process during the sale.

Christine has served on many non-profit boards as a volunteer over the past 20 years including TBICO, Holy Trinity Finance Council, Sherman Higher Education Fund and Treasurer of the Sherman Library.

Jayna Altman is a strategist and thought leader who partners with nonprofit organizations and their boards to develop sustainable development programs with impact through storytelling, data/analytics, and technology. With over 20 years’ experience in marketing, technology and operations, and 10 years’ consulting for organizations across the non-profit sector, Jayna can help you to implement an effective program for growth.

Prior to joining Danosky and Associates as an advisory board member and consultant in 2009, Jayna helped raised over $12 million dollars working with numerous charities, traveled over 150,000 miles and served as a spokesperson for Special Olympics, Ability Beyond and an ambassador for the American Heart Association Go Red campaign. She was the youngest elected board member for the Hearing Loss Association of America and has continued serving on boards for the last 25+ years.

Whether in the Board room, the Chief Executive’s Office or working with staff, Jayna brings an authentic, hands-on approach that gives her clients the strategy, tactics and roadmap to succeed.

David brings to Danosky & Associates a diverse mix of marketing, communications, and research experience from both the nonprofit and corporate sectors. At a fortune 500 company, he directed the services of a corporate research center, providing qualitative research to more than a thousand employees across three locations in New York and Virginia.

As Press Liaison and Editorial Manager at the financial services consultancy, Greenwich Associates, David worked closely with editors and reporters at The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, Barron’s and many others. David entered into the nonprofit sector with United Way of Western Connecticut where, as Director of Brand Management, he ensured that the results of the organization’s work across western Connecticut was promoted through traditional and new media. In addition to his work at UWWC, David has played key roles on local social service committees including Danbury Housing Partnership and Project Homeless Connect. David founded Spectrum Media in 2011 and has worked with a variety of nonprofits and small businesses to develop custom marketing and content strategies with a focus on video outreach. His nonprofit clients have included Regional YMCA, Association of Religious Communities, The Bridge to Independence and Career Opportunities (TBICO), Western CT Association for Human Rights, Interlude, The Avielle Foundation, Newtown Scholarship Association, and others.

Susan Rosati is a business professional with twenty years of accounting experience. Her expertise includes working in the public, private and non-profit sector. She is skilled in Quickbooks online with creating a set of books, consulting, and properly maintaining records according to GAAP requirements. She is adept at working with both small start-up organizations and large established companies. Her goal is to provide the information needed to help management make smart decisions in running their organization.At Danosky & Associates when clients need a helping hand with properly maintaining their bookkeeping requirements, Susan can step in and help. Susan can tailor Quickbooks to their business needs and develop a bookkeeping plan that works for all parties. This process includes properly recording revenue and expenses, weekly cash flow, timely reconciliations, budget planning, analyzing financial statements and year-end procedures. She is responsible for all financial reporting at Danosky & Associates. According to Susan, there is nothing more satisfying than watching a small start-up take off and grow over the years.

Susan’s accounting career started with manufacturing companies that produced steel, electrolytic oxygen generators used on naval submarines, and lithographic photomasks used in the process to make integrated circuits where she held both senior accountant and financial analyst positions. Later she shifted her focus to working with small businesses. She recently founded Fairwinds Accounting Services, LLC to assist clients with their bookkeeping and financial needs. She holds an MBA from Marist College in Poughkeepsie and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Slippery Rock University while rounding out her accounting education at the University of Pittsburgh.

As soon as she bounded into our offices, Atka made herself at home. And we don’t use the term “bounded” lightly. She has the grace and agility of a full grown deer, happily leaping over the five foot fence surrounding the Danosky property that was foolishly erected to keep her in. (Thank goodness for the invisible fence) Finding great joy in running, chasing squirrels up trees and tossing balls into the air, she brings a sense of fun and brevity to the Danosky team.

Atka came to us in July 2018 from a shelter in South Carolina where she only had one day left to live. She quickly made friends with the Danosky family and adopted to the role of the Director of Goodwill (DOG) immediately. With a little research, we discovered that she has an amazingly “global” DNA, which accounts for her easygoing and accepting disposition – and strong work ethic!

American Staffordshipre Terrier – 25%
Siberian Huskie – 25%
German Shephard – 12.5%
Australian Shephard – 12.5%
White Swiss Shephard – 12.5%
Chow Chow – 12.5%

Atka takes her work very seriously. She is responsible for generating goodwill, initiating play, keeping morale high, and holding the pack together. While she has a high level of energy (fitting right in with the rest of the team), she also has her contemplative side, which she displays at all of our team meetings. While loving all of our clients, she has let it be known that our work with animal shelters is among her favorites.