Leadership Enrichment for Advancing Professionals

The LEAP Program consists of 6 three-hour sessions and 1 six-hour session designed to build a foundation of skills and awareness.Facilitators share their experience, expertise, and insights while engaging the proficiencies of all participants; this happens in presentations, group discussions, research and case study analysis, simulations, home assignments, and action planning activities. The immediacy of the learning experience encourages thoughtful application and experimentation with ideas and best practices.

LEAP 2018 Group Photo

Spring 2019 Sessions

  1. Leadership and Engaged Boards – April 5th
  2. Tomorrow’s Vision – Today’s Plan – April 19th
  3. Your People and the Work They Do – May 10th
  4. Building a Sustainable Development Program – May 17th
  5. Financial Management – June 7th
  6. Reputation Management and Crisis Communications – June 21st
  7. Putting it all Together – June 28th

“With the hands on aspect to training, you actually get to practice implementing what you are learning and hear the collective wisdom and differing opinions in the room”- LEAP Participant

LEAP 2018 Presenter

Each session affords the learning-leader the opportunity to take useful, positive actions back to their home shop

  1. Apply new skills
  2. Utilize new knowledge
  3. Moderate incremental change
  4. Address transformational change
  5. Engage in short- and long-term planning
  6. Ahare content with board and staff

Facilitators offer continuity throughout the comprehensive workshop series by providing a platform for appropriate change and incremental improvements through active leadership.