Introspection: The Path to Inclusion. An Interview with Laura McCargar, President of The Perrin Family Foundation

Laura McCargar HeadshotAccording to Laura McCargar, true diversity, equity and inclusion can result only when an organization is willing to take part in an organizational introspection. This can be daunting and sometimes painful as there may be some hard truths to learn. But if an organization has the institutional courage and wherewithal to see something like this through, it will be profoundly more effective inside and out as it forges a deep connection to those it serves.

It’s no secret that nonprofits, overall, have struggled with diversity, both on staff and on boards. In what other ways have you seen nonprofits falling short on diversity?

One of the ways that nonprofits – and I include the philanthropic sector as part of the broader nonprofit sphere – have fallen short is by limiting their line of sight to solely the question of diversity.  If you’re focused only on diversity then you’re actually missing the full scope of what’s needed to build organizations that are truly inclusive, and truly equitable, in their desire and capacity to really share power with the communities that they are serving and anchored in – and accountable to. [Read more…]

Taking the Pulse of a Community

CT Town Group Image

By Sharon Danosky

More than any other single organization, community foundations have a strong understanding on the wants, needs and aspirations of a community.

Strictly speaking, community foundations bring together resources from individuals, families and businesses to support the nonprofits in their communities. In reality, they do so much more. From helping emerging philanthropists to maximize their contributions to building capacity in the nonprofit sector, community foundations play an integral role in addressing community needs and improving the lives of all those who reside there.

They also take the pulse of the community. They understand how its residents are doing and where there are gaps in services and opportunities. [Read more…]