How Can Board Members be Part of the Solution?

Covid-19 Info Banner for CC - 3-19-20 - D&A

By Sharon Danosky

During this crisis every board and every board member should be stepping up to help the nonprofit they serve weather the storm and stay on course. While conventional wisdom might suggest letting the professionals handle the day to day – there is a significant role board members should play. Each of the tasks delineated below might be accomplished by a subset of board members. The first things that should happen is for the Board Chair to call a virtual meeting, assess the overall situation and then discuss and assign the following components: [Read more…]

A COVID-19 Communications Strategy

Covid-19 Info Banner for CC - 3-19-20 - D&A

How well you communicate with your constituents as you face the continually changing environment brought about by the global pandemic known as COVID-19 or the Coronavirus, will have a long-lasting impact on your organization’s reputation. Will you be known as someone who communicated frequently or well – or will your constituents turn elsewhere for information they should have or could have received from you? Here are four important things you need to consider: [Read more…]

Are You Prepared for COVID-19?

Covid-19 Info Banner for CC

During times of crisis, nonprofits must often take on much more than their share of the burden. As we all prepare for dealing with the disruptions caused by COVID-19, I thought I would share this excellent Guide sent out by the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network – with language taken from the Maine Association of Nonprofits. Here are some things to consider. [Read more…]