The LEAP workshop was invaluable to both me and to my organization.  As a new non-profit and a new Executive Director the information that I received each week was dynamic and I have used the materials on many occasions.  We are completing our first strategic plan and referencing your workbook and what I learned during the program has definitely helped us to clearly define where we are going.

I found sharing information with the other participants was very helpful and we continue to share and check in with each other.

Healing Meals Community Project December 6, 2017

Danosky partners with non-profit organizations to help them heal themselves. Each team member at Danosky is highly skilled and a terrific communicator. I am on the board of directors of an organization that was in dire straits. Danosky worked intensely with us to repair relationships with members and teachers; develop and initiate a strategic plan; rework our budgeting process; close a brick and mortar office and create a virtual office; educate and develop leadership; and, rejuvenate excitement and passion for the organization. I highly recommend Danosky if your organization is in need of skilled, objective and passionate partners to help you solve problems.

Valerie F. Bowman, LMSW, BCPP
Secretary, Board of Directors

American Polarity Therapy Association November 19, 2018

Thank you for providing a wonderful forum like LEAP to local non-profits. The topics were relevant and varied, the presenters were clear and well-versed in the information. It was great to learn from them along with the other professionals in the room. Thanks so much!

Sarah Marshall Library Director, Kent Memorial Library July 22, 2019

Thank you so much for your service to APTA, although I was not hear for all of it.  I enjoyed working with you and helping APTA to make the organization  better one.

-- Shelley Drasal

American Polarity Therapy Association November 19, 2018

I’m receiving lots of positive feedback from your presentation this morning. Personally, I thought you delivered the message gently yet with a sense of urgency, critical importance and high expectations.

Theresa Santoro, MSN, RN, CHCA
President and CEO

Ridgefield Visiting Nurse Association March 16, 2018


Your work in the Philanthropic world is critical to making the World a better place.
~Noel Hord, Hord Foundation

Review from a LEAP participant, December 2014

Dear Sharon,
I’d like to thank you and the team from Danosky & Associates for the opportunity you provided through the LEAP program. You, Larry, Christine, and Peter did a terrific job establishing a positive environment for the participants to learn from one another. You are all wonderful mentors. I look forward to taking some time to reflect on what I learned and to come up with a plan to effectively implement it at the library and other organizations I am involved with. I hope you have a happy holiday season. See you in June!
~Kim J.

The best presentation I have attended in 14 years.  She’s no nonsense, gives practical tips and materials you can put to work immediately.  We will probably be in touch with an idea we discussed, my Board Chair was with me.  Thanks again, 
~Deb Tanner, Executive Director of Southern Rhode Island Volunteers


 I thank Sharon for her talent for stimulating such rich conversation.
~Annie M. Scott, Director of Information Technologies at Middlesex Community College.

I just wanted to say that you caused me to examine my budget in an entirely new way, and I cannot wait to share it with the board. You have also sharpened my priorities as far as grant writing goes, providing the ‘income’ for specific programs.  I wish your presentation had not been so late in the day, as it was some highly complex metrics to absorb. VERY informative and well worth the time. Thank you.
— Cynthia Stead, Executive Director of Sight Loss Services, South Dennis, MA.


Excellent presentation, the proof in in the pudding. Best regards,
Suzanne M Downing

Thank you so much for sharing this information. The presentation was excellent.  We are in the process of putting together our first annual appeal and the information learned is going to be very helpful.
~Maria F. Harlow, Executive Director of Spanish Community of Harlow

I highly recommend Sharon Danosky, president of Danosky & Associates. Since 2008, Sharon has been the Executive Director of The Land Trust of Danbury reporting to the President of the organization. For much of that time and until the end of September 2010, I served on the Board of Directors of The Land Trust and as Chairman of the Community Relations Committee. During my time with The Land Trust I was impressed with the way Sharon helped shape a more professional organization. She guided the organization through establishment of a strategic plan, formal governance policies and procedures, and criteria for selection or rejection of properties presented as candidates for conservation. At the time of this writing, she was also in the process of implementing a web-based program to catalog The Land Trust’s properties to facilitate both land management and stewardship. If you are seeking a consultant to help manage your not-for-profit organization, you should consider Sharon and Danosky & Associates.
~Gary W. Gillum, President of Gr8 Marcomm Marketing and Communications

The results are the final reward for all of us who took a deep breath and followed Sharon’s lead down a totally new Breakfast Path.  The Breakfast planning process was very challenging but a very interesting learning experience as we had to completely re-vamp the format. Sometimes that felt strange and uncomfortable but Sharon was there to reassure us every time, and she was right!!!  This year’s Breakfast has renewed our confidence in our ability to find a way to keep Interlude thriving, despite the odds!  Personally, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be so closely involved and to have shared the experience with you.

~Rachel Riermersma, Interlude

Once again, you’re having a profound impact on my professional career.  From getting me started in the field to educating board chairs and volunteers about the importance and value that my new position brings.  I’ll be sure to recognize you and Danosky & Associates… and continue to spread the word about your great work.
~Peter Roche, JDRF


fsf-web-logoFeeding South Florida, a not for profit organization, empowers other South Florida Not-for-profit organizations to feed  needy people  and improve their lives. We do this by providing food and other grocery products: and by educating and engaging our community to fight hunger and poverty.

It is the South Florida affiliate of Feeding America, a member of the Florida Association of Food Banks and the largest food bank in the State of Florida. 


“Everyone with whom you have worked — on the Board, the Staff, from our sister food banks, and with the Anthony Abraham Foundation — have greatly appreciated your very capable assistance, have learned much from you, and have greatly enjoyed working with you.  That certainly goes for me, personally.  You came to us at a time when we were stymied and had failed to find anyone to help us move forward.  Your experience, encouragement, your gentle and kind, but unremitting guidance, and your genuine sharing of our passion for this cause, all combined to help us make the extraordinary strides we have made to date, which in turn resulted in the recognition by our national organization and their commitment to jump in and offer such broad ranging assistance.”

 Bruce Berman, Chairman of the Board, Feeding South Florida


ridgefield_visiting_nurse_associationRidgefield Visiting Nurse Association is a private, nonprofit organization. Founded in 1914, the RVNA is governed by a volunteer board of directors. A staff of 55 provides a wide range of home health and community-based wellness services to the residents of the Greater Ridgefield, CT areas.

While the medical field continues to become more sophisticated and high-tech, one simple philosophy has not changed at the RVNA – the patient comes first. RVNA staff members bring a high level of professional competence to patients and their families. RVNA nurses and therapists have an average of 21 years of experience in their fields. Certified health aides have an average of 11 years of experience providing home health care.

Working with Sharon (Danosky & Associates) has provided me with the training and insight needed to better understand how to improve fundraising, as well as understand the best ways to determine lapsed donors and engage them. She has provided me with knowledge that I will use for a lifetime! In a clear and direct pattern, she has helped our Board of Directors become more engaged in their role of development. As the development director, Sharon has provided me with the tools to focus my energy for the greatest good for our agency. Our appeal funds have increased with her direction, our knowledge of our top donors and lapsed donors is enhanced, and we have a roadmap for where to go throughout the year to best achieve our development goals. Thank you, Sharon!!
Lynne Briody, Director of Development, non-profit health care agency

richmond_groupRichmond Community Services strives to raise funds for programs that will enhance the lives of people with intellectual and physical disabilities. In January of 2008, Richmond hired Sharon Danosky to assist the Director of Marketing and Development and the President/C EO with improving its fundraising program. Sharon’s 30 plus years of fundraising experience, her knowledge and expertise in the field has been invaluable to us. Sharon helped us develop effective fundraising strategies, she worked with us in analyzing our donor base, and continues to assist us in building the infrastructure necessary for success. She has designed a major gifts moves program to ensure donors renew or upgrade their annual gifts. Sharon provided our board of directors with exceptional training in how to bring in the big bucks. Thanks to Sharon’s support, Richmond raised 10% more revenue in 2008 than 2007, even in a down turning economy.

As the Director of Marketing and Development, with 10 plus years of fundraising experience, an MBA, CFRE, and a professional certificate in fundraising from NYU, I have personally learned a great deal from Sharon in just one year. Having Sharon as a mentor is a privilege. Working with her is a pleasure. Sharon’s strong practical fundraising experience helps a non-profit organization, such as Richmond, with achieving great success with its marketing and development efforts.

“Sharon’s strong practical fundraising experience helps a non-profit organization, such as Richmond, with achieving great success with its marketing and development efforts. Thanks to Sharon’s support, Richmond raised 10% more revenue in 2008 than 2007, even in a down turning economy.”
Paula Barbag, Director of Marketing and Development, Richmond Community Services Foundation

hord_foundation_smallThe Hord Foundation was established in January 1993 by Noel and Cora E. Hord. The purpose of the foundation is to promote education and enhance career opportunities of young minority people by providing post secondary school scholarships or other financial assistance for educational purposes. The Foundation is a 501(c) (3) Non-Profit Organization. It’s missions is since its founding, to provide higher education financial assistance to deserving and qualified African Americans.

 “I have known Sharon Danosky since early 2000. The Hord Foundation recruited and hired Sharon to direct us in our Fund Rasing efforts. Her assignment was to help us think and plan more strategically and help us tactically in implementing our strategies. Sharon did an outstanding job. She did not work with us as a Consultant, but rather as an integral part of our team. With her expertise, guidance, and passion, each year we continued to increase our Fund raising. She became such an important part of out team, that in 2007 we ask her to join our Board of Trustees and she graciously accepted. I believe her Company and Services would be a true Asset to any Philanthropic Organization.”
Noel Hord, Founder Horde Foundation

ability_beyond_disability_smallAbility Beyond Disability, not for profit organization, was founded in 1953 by a group of parents who wanted a better life for their children with disabilities. Throughout its long history as a provider of innovative services for people who are among the most disenfranchised and disadvantaged in our society, Ability Beyond Disability has spearheaded new initiatives and pilot programs in Connecticut and New York. It’s mission is to enable individuals whose independent living skills are impaired by disability, illness or injury, to achieve and maintain self-reliance, fulfillment and comfort at home, at work and in the community, by providing the best comprehensive home, health and rehabilitation services.

“Sharon is a true fund raising “professional”. She not only understands philanthropy and fund raising strategies and tactics, she understands how to motivate people, whether donors or Board members. I know of no one better able to assist non profit organizations in the art of fund raising.”
Thomas H. Fanning, President & CEO, Ability Beyond Disability

mulvaney_mechanicalGeorge MulvaneyMulvaney Mechanical Inc. is a full range mechanical contracting company, installing various types of HVAC, exhaust, process piping, plumbing, heating and fire protection systems. They work directly for many industrial, commercial and institutional firms. Mulvaney Mechanical Inc. was established in 1981 and has successfully completed many projects involving sophisticated mechanical systems. They take pride in having a reputation for quality work.

George is an active philanthropist in the community and serves on numerous boards, including Regional Hospice, the RVNA and Ability Beyond Disability.

Sharon is the most energetic and truly the best Development person that I have ever been associated with. Besides being great at her profession she is a wonderful person. I have previously recommended her to other agencies and am honored to do so again.
George Mulvaney, President, Mulvaney Mechanical Inc.,
Member of the board of directors of Regional Hospice, Ability Beyond Disability and Ridgefield Visiting Nurse Association



kingston_auction_companyKingston Auction Company provides state-of-the-art auctioneering to maximize your fundraising efforts. Specializing in benefit auctions since 1986, we have raised millions of dollars for nonprofits across the United States. Our philosophy is to assist each organization to design a dynamic climate for giving that is exciting and profitable. Long before the gavel is raised, we serve as your organization’s strategic partner, helping you leverage your benefit auction to meet fundraising needs today and into the future.

“Sharon Danosky is amazing! As one of the top fundraising professionals with whom I have ever worked, her incredible experience, insights and strategies empower her clients, workshop participants and colleagues. In addition, Sharon’s zeal for non profit causes shines.” 
Kathy Kingston; Owner, Kingston Auction Company

sherman_ensembleSherman Chamber Ensemble – The key aim of the Sherman Chamber Ensemble is to foster a sense of closeness between performers and audience that enhances the feeling of community and facilitates a deeper musical experience. To that end, SCE’s summer concerts in Sherman take place in the serene setting and excellent acoustics of the Mauweehoo Clubhouse overlooking Lake Mauweehoo.

“Sharon Danosky was critically important to the Sherman Chamber Ensemble in helping us to define our role or mission. The process that she led us through ended with revelations that surprised us all. After our experience with her, we had clearer insights into what we wanted to accomplish, and set about to significantly broaden our activities. She then worked with us to improve the professionalism of our fund raising efforts. With her help, we have been much more successful in raising funds to meet our enhanced goals.
Kent Lawson, President, Sherman Chamber Ensemble, Sherman, CT

suzanne_douglas_harrisSuzanne Douglas Harris LLC. – Suzanne Douglas Harris brings a distinctive blend of expertise, solid experience, and personal empathy to her practice. She maintains a well-honed, real world perspective based on a comprehensive background of corporate, consulting and academic experience

“A fresh approach to fundraising — positive attitude, creative problem solving — great judge of people … It’s always a plus for me when I can introduce Sharon to one of my clients. In fact, that is probably what Sharon does best….move cleverly but unobtrusively to make others shine!”
Suzanne Douglas Harris; Principal, Suzanne Douglas Harris, LLC.