Collaborations & collective impact

Impact Wheel 2019 - Collaborations and Collective ImpactFacilitating & Guiding Collaborations for Greatest Impact

D&A consultants have had the privilege of leading and facilitating numerous organizations both independently and collaboratively for a variety of purposes:

  • Bringing both similar and diverse organizations together to solve problems
  • Creating successful collective impact initiatives
  • Developing strategic plans that are fully embraced by the organization and effectively implemented
  • Facilitating organizational mergers

Our facilitation process utilizes a blend of different approaches that have proven to bring outstanding results.

We invite you to learn more and to contact us for a complimentary consultation.

“Thank you for your clear and informative presentation on Collaborative Models to the Childhood Cancer Alliance of Connecticut.  The information you provided set a framework for the group to begin thinking about ways that we can work with each other.  I think the meeting was productive and the participants walked away with a lot of food for thought.”
Liz Vega
Childhood Cancer Alliance of Connecticut